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The organization

The Fight for equality, emancipation and justice begins here. Denial of self is not a republican concept
Nagib AZERGUI Founder
Secularism is not the neutralization of freedoms of consciousness in public space. It is there, on the contrary, to guarantee and protect these convictions. Today we need to do pedagogical work to decontaminate mentalities.
Elhame AIT-SHERANE Treasurer and head of the Val d'Oise Department
Women and men are mobilizing everywhere in France to reaffirm our deep attachment to this fraternal, egalitarian France and guarantor of freedoms of conscience
Eric BERLINGEN Spokesman and Head of the Department of Essonne
In French the Church and the State are separated. It is the principle of neutrality that preserves living together. There are in France several political groups claiming to be Christian inheritance like that of the Christian Democratic Party. This has never been a problem in our country. It is easy to see that things are very different when we talk about a Muslim Democratic party.
Emir MEGHERBI National Secretary

Section delegates

What we are doing today is already embedded in a new chapter in the history of our country. It marks a turning point, a complete break with the colonization of the spirits

Kamel MESSAOUDI, UDMF delegate in Mayotte

We must fight against this populist escalation which aims at making Islam and French Muslims today a major electoral stake and a political prey

Jean-Christophe THOMAS, delegate of the 9th district of French from abroad

We do not realize what lies behind the veil. It is indeed the destruction of our ideals. For ultimately, to exclude an individual based on his convictions, it is above all the death of living together and an anti-republican process

Sandra FOURASTIE, Secretary of the Gennevilliers section in Île-de-France

It is time to become an actor and to invest the political terrain to fully take our place in this society. Obviously, the other parties have failed to do so or knowingly do the opposite

Abdelmajid AODELLA, delegate of the section of Gennevilliers in Île-De-France

Because equality for all is paramount; Because fraternity is primordial in well-living together; I decided to join the UMDF

Manuel ROQUE, delegate of the Montpellier section in the Hérault

The UDMF is a political force that has federated regions and French people of all social origins and generations

Salem MOKDAD, delegate of the Rhône-Alpes section

We are in a political field in loss of value, in search of its fundamentals and the UDMF meets these aspirations

Hatem DRIDI, Secretary of the Rhône-Alpes section

I chose to commit myself fully to the side of the UDMF in the heart of the Loiret to represent a party whose values ​​echo mine.

Khaled Bajoujj, delegate in the Loiret.