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Europe faces the rise of Islamophobia

From Austria to Denmark, through Holland to Greece, the sweet dream of Democracy, Union and Human Rights seems to be increasingly threatened by these identity currents that militate against the Other And against social peace. At the present time, there is a radicalization of these multiple xenophobic parties which focus their attacks on Islam and preach the hatred of Muslims.

Amnesty International denounced in April 2012, in a report titled "Choice and Prejudice, Discrimination against Muslims", the various forms of discrimination affecting Muslims living in several European countries both in the labor market, At school and who insists on the cruel lack of places of worship. Indeed, unemployment affects Muslims much more than non-Muslims and it is mostly women who bear the brunt of it. Yet anti-discrimination laws exist in these countries but do not seem to be enforced. The private sector claims that an outfit that underpins the religious conviction of one of its employees is incompatible with the company's brand image and risks displeasing its customers.

Moreover, in just a few years, many countries, such as France, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands, have forbidden students to wear headscarves or other religious garments in schools with The introduction of discriminatory laws. This is also what Amnesty International denounces in its report: "The French authorities mention the need to uphold the principle of secularism in schools. Amnesty International maintains that secularism is not, according to human rights law, A legitimate reason for restricting freedom of expression and freedom of religion or belief. "

These anti-Muslim speeches and laws also lead the most psychologically fragile people to commit acts of unprecedented violence such as that of Alex Wiens, a 28-year-old German, who had killed about fifteen blows Of an Egyptian young woman Marwa el-Sherbini because of her wearing of the veil in 2009. The 32-year-old woman was three months pregnant at the time of the incident. More recently, on January 13, in the village of Beaucet in Vaucluse, a 47-year-old Muslim, Mohammed El Makouli, was stabbed by seventeen stabbings by a neighbor in front of his wife. Heavy weapons attacks have exploded in Europe since the beginning of the year against Muslim places of worship.

We, the French Muslim Democrats, want to stop this policy-driven drift in order to avoid a civil war against Islam and Muslims in Europe.

This can not happen without our presence in the European Parliament to bring our vision of a peaceful Europe in line with its principles and working for human rights and citizens.

Peace in the Middle East

France must be impartial and fair in dealing with this issue and do everything in its power to ensure that Palestinians and Israelis can reach a peace agreement.

Indeed, Europe is struggling to find a just position to hold on to the resolution of this conflict or even to put a stop to the establishment of the new settlements in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (resolution 58/292 of 14 May 2004 Of the United Nations General Assembly on the concept of "occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem").

We must mobilize so that Palestine is finally officially recognized as a country by the UN and the European Union.

It is essential to stop the blockade of Gaza, to demand the release of Palestinian political prisoners, children and to place the Palestinian people under international protection.

To achieve this, it is essential to rely on the support of strong and diverse partners.

Maps of the economy and major powers are being redistributed. If we want to count tomorrow among the first, France must strengthen its economic partnerships with the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) but also with Argentina, the Middle East and the Maghreb.

France must assert itself and we must become, with Germany and the other European countries, leaders rather than followers. Our interests do not systematically converge with those of the USA, and it is in this sense that we must mark our independence in terms of international geostrategy.

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