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The Party

The Union of Democrats Frenchs Muslims (UDMF) was founded in November 2012 by Nagib AZERGUI in order to bring together all French citizens, who have been blacklisted due to institutionalized prejudices, so that they can bring an alternative Within French society in the fields of: economic, social and political.

About us

I founded the Union Democrats Frenchs Muslims (UDMF) in 2012 following the tragic conclusion that the "Muslim" had become a major and recurrent political argument in our country.

Economic crisis, increase in Public Debt, unemployment increase, relocation, fiscal exile, precariousness, housing, insecurity. Here are the basic issues that affect us all, and which should be the first concerns of our leaders. However, the Muslim remains the sole subject, both economic and societal, of the French political class. The FN made it its sole battleground by selling to the highest bidder, the fear and the danger of the Muslims. He has Islamized all subjects.

The right-sided party has been joined since by the Straight decomplexed and the Left caviar. Unable to find the right growth levers, the government parties, preferred to counter-attack courageously on the far right of the right-wing "Muslims". An idea exploited without moderation by these nostalgic Marshal Pétain and by these faithful of the OAS.

For, finally, are these statements of "fifth column" or "enemies of the interior" to designate today Muslims, these reforms to prohibit any visibility of a community in the public space, are not they supposed Evoke in us the darkest chapters of our History?

In these times of crisis that push some to unreason, we must appeal to our reason and to our collective memory in order not to reproduce the same mistakes of the past. That is why it is time to deal with the problems that truly undermine our national cohesion by "dis-Islamizing" all these sterile debates. This is my struggle, my absolute priority and the challenge ahead.

There is an urgent need to build bridges between individuals where some republican pyromans have worked to erect walls.

Within the UDMF, we believe in the strength of political commitment. We want to protect the most fragile, fight rejection, fight injustice, preserve our ecosystem, prepare the future of our children and safeguard the central role of the family. Want to ACT to our side to no longer UNDERGO? THEN JOIN US !

Nagib AZERGUI, Founder of the party.

Our logotype

Decryption of codes, colors and shapes to identify the visual signature of our political family


There is naturally the blue, the white and the deep red of our national flag.

The spaces

(Three spaces, three universes, three symbolic references)

I. The historical recall of the Muslim fighters during the first and second world war "French by the bloodshed"

If one begins reading the logo by the right, one finds there the letters of the acronym MF of Muslims French inscribed on a red ground. This red in our current flag was elaborated in 1124 by Suger de Saint-Denis (also known as the "father of the fatherland") to symbolize the martyrdom of the first bishop of Paris. It also represents here the blood poured by these Muslim fighters that mixes with that of all those who helped to build the foundations of our nation.

On the left, the letters of the acronym UD of the Union of Democrats are surrounded by an ornament evoking the tomb stele of these Muslim soldiers who died in combat and buried in France.

The artistic design of these funerary stelae was conceived by the French painter Etienne Dinet, himself converted to Islam in 1913, and who carried out this work with the help of Muslim scholars.

II. Influence of the Islamic architectural heritage

This ornament also has a second reference since it also voluntarily evokes the shape of certain vaults and domes which are found, for example, in cathedrals. An influence of Islamic art on French art or what is more commonly called "Gothic architecture"..

ndeed, for Christopher Wren, a 17th-century British scholar and architect (1632-1723), this architectural style was strongly inspired by Islamic architecture: "what we call the style of Gothic architecture Which does not follow the Roman model), whereas the Goths were more a people of destructors than of builders, should in reality be called the Saracen style ".

Antoni Gaudí, a famous Catalan architect who marked the architecture of Barcelona, ​​was inspired by the forms taken from Moorish architectural and decorative heritage. He recognizes in them the preambles of the Galilean formless: "I find that the Arabs have developed in mechanical ornamentation a mechanical sense superior to ours".

III. The dynamism and the future embodied by the crescent moon

In the middle, the central white was subtly incarnated by a perfectly symbolic crescent of the moon. This crescent is elevated upwards relative to the rest of the structure and seems to rise towards the right, sign that it is resolutely turned towards the future.

The characters used

The letters of the Party logo (UDMF) were drawn in a visual style reminiscent of a calligraphic handwriting made with reeds.


We have, through this logo, a simple and relevant visual that has resumed symbols culturally and historically speaking.

A brilliant synthesis of the influence, contributions and contributions that have shaped our country, a wealth of invaluable heritage and history.

Our Political Color

GOLD can symbolize many things like luxury or wealth. For UDMF, true wealth is embodied by man and also symbolizes energy, spirituality and the awakening of consciousness.

Here are the reasons that naturally led us to make the OR our political color, an additional way to identify us more effectively.

What is Muslim Democrats?

In the media debate, launched by some intellectuals and political leaders, it is clear that Islam is not compatible with Democracy.

Yet "living together", morality, deep respect for other communities, the importance of the family, the elderly, solidarity, caring, charity and the fight against injustice are the values Which animate us. They are an undeniable asset in the society in which we live because they bear the very foundations of Democracy.

And it is because we are attached to the concept of democracy that we are mobilizing today, because unfortunately we do not share the same vision with liberal, socialist or even social democrat democrats.

To divide, to stigmatize the citizens among themselves, not to protect the most fragile, not to denounce injustices and to be enslaved to the world of finance, is not what we believe in.

If politics can no longer defend the widow and the orphan, condemn the blameworthy and fight injustice then it has no power.

We therefore propose to all those who want to change this society on the margins of republican ideology, to join us to ensure respect for their voices and convictions.