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    The program


Madam, sir, very dear compatriot,

France, as you know, has entered a recession, hit hard by an unprecedented crisis. Economic crisis, but also crisis of values ​​and loss of confidence in political action.

Economic crisis first, caused by uncontrolled abuse by speculators and this to the detriment of work. Crisis of values ​​afterwards, since we regularly attend judicial soap operas in which politicians are involved.

In this state of emergency, our country is struggling to find a real alternative to all these evils.

It is vital to change this policy, which subsidizes our CAC 40 banks and large corporations with our taxes.

Today, France needs a new dynamic, a new breath more equitable and more just. Who can embody this long-awaited change, if not men and women in the service of the citizens, and who make politics a duty?

Those who have as a principle to defend the most vulnerable among us, while condemning the blameworthy wherever it is, will help build the France of tomorrow.

A free, egalitarian, but also fraternal France because it is this France that we love.

In an electoral context dominated by the retreat of identity and the rejection of visible minorities, the French Muslim Democrats represent a realistic alternative to safeguard our living together.

Therefore, we do not pretend to hold the truth, our action is free, citizen and republican. Our proposals are part of a process of participation in the improvement of the economic, social, societal and environmental situation in our country.

It is not a list of exhaustive or immutable proposals, it is constructed according to our reflections; And of those who accompany us in order to build a society driven by living together, the equitable sharing of wealth, respect for each individual in all its dimensions and the preservation of our environment.

We are proud to embody today the renewal and dynamism of a France that has lost all hope in the future and its traditional policy.

We wish you a pleasant reading.

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  • Building a Fair Economy

  • Let's share the strengths of our ethics in order to stop future crises and the destruction of jobs

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  • Develop a responsible educational project
  • Bringing people together, transmitting and restoring our values ​​to fight the rise of extremes

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  • Putting human at the heart of concerns
  • The well-being of the person, respect for the human being, his safety and his dignity is a duty that concerns us all
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  • Guiding States for the Dignity of Peoples
  • Faced with the rise of extremes, it is urgent to bring peoples together with strong partners

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