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Why a party for the Muslims of France?

Here are three basic excerpts from the constituent statutes of the UDMF:

" The UDMF is a democratic, secular and republican political party; Open to all citizens. The aim of the UDMF is to contribute to the expression of universal suffrage, while respecting the values ​​of the Republic, Freedom, Equality and Fraternity, the fundamental principles enshrined in the Constitution, the unity of the Republic and independence of the nation. The Union intends to promote in the service of France and the French: ... The representation of all citizens without distinction of origin, religion, culture, sex and social class ..."

So our Party is not a denominational party reserved for the Muslims of France. To say that would be a counter-sense to Democracy and the Republic. We work for the interests of all French citizens without distinction of beliefs or ideologies. We want to propose a new vision, a new chance for our country with, as an asset, our values ​​and our ethics.

The Union of French Muslim Democrats was founded to enable the French, and in particular those of Muslim faith, to bring an alternative in French society, whether in the economic, social or political spheres. We are not currently on the political front and it is a gap.

For example, to change the vision and stigmatization of a category of French today, we must also intervene in order to counter this drift in some of our policies. We all remember the remarks against Muslims made by some of our elected representatives during the debate on national identity organized in 2009 by the Fillon government. It is also difficult to forget the many prejudices and clichés formulated on the Islamic civilization, not so long ago, by Claude Guéant then Minister of the Interior.

Islam seems to have become a major campaign theme today and we can no longer remain silent any longer.

Islam, in a secular country like ours, it is not an incoherence?

It would be an inconsistency if Islam were incompatible with the notion of secularism and democracy. Within the French Muslim Democrats, we separate the religious from the philosophy and morality that emanates from this faith, just as the traditional Christian parties that have long prospered in France are already doing very well.

This is the case of the Democratic Christian Party of Christine Boutin, a former housing minister under the Fillon 1 government. This is also the case for the Christian Republican Party, Patrick Giovannoni's PRC and other Christian federations.

Secularism, unlike the deviation that is made of it today, is not the opposite of faith. It is the belief, sincere and fraternal, in a better, more humane society open to the Other.

It is a laudable model that we want to defend and want to enforce. It is the application of Article 1 of the Constitution which stipulates that:

"France is an indivisible, secular Republic, which respects all beliefs and all religions."

What separates your political party from Christian political currents?

What unites us first of all is the duty to serve man apart from all purely materialistic ambitions. And in this sense, politics is a sacred and spiritual duty. On the other hand, we do not share the same vision of France and citizens. Traditional Christian parties campaign on the Christian heritage by showing Muslims as invaders to fight.

Christine Boutin, honorary president of the PCD, in the midst of a debate on national identity in 2009, at the time of the referendum against the minarets in Switzerland, had clearly exposed this sad fact with the words "the minarets symbolize the land of 'Islam and France is not a land of Islam'. The PRC, in a report dating from 2015, exposes "the dangerousness of the Islamic ideology that is meant to impose a single party, a state religion enslaving women and a legal vision of society" Sharia) contrary to our republican laws. " Finally, the current president of the PCD, Jean-Frédéric Poisson, declared in June 2016 "France is not destined to become a Muslim country".

The fear of being invaded by a barbarian and fanatic Islam has become an expensive theme even taken up by the government to mask the fundamental problems of our country. The vision of the French Muslim Democrats is based on the justice and fraternity of peoples and we will campaign with our universal values ​​and with all Christians, Jews, atheists or agnostics who seek to find a more solidary, egalitarian and fraternal country For it is this France we love.

Is the government trying to mask the problems of the French with Islam?

Indeed, this is a communication strategy that has already proved its worth in the past. Let us take the example of the regional ones of 2004 where, to avoid discussing the problems that weakened the government Raffarin, very criticized at the time, Jacques Chirac launched the Stasi commission which resulted in a law prohibiting the wearing of ostentatious signs to the " school.

This was far from the concern of the French at the time but after a few weeks all the TV sets, all the media spoke of it from morning to evening. For the 2010 regional elections, the economic crisis, the tax shield and the problems of the French were also masked by the debate on national identity and the subsequent law of the ban on wearing the full veil in public places.

For the 2012 presidential elections, the government still wanted to use the same strategy with the debate on Islam and secularism with the application of a new law banning street prayers for Muslims.

A country that bans a veiled student from having access to knowledge is in contradiction with our fundamentals.

What do you propose to do to reverse this phenomenon?

Our project is therefore a political response to reframe policies on these very secular drifts and strategies. Changing the mentalities and the situation in France can not be achieved without the mobilization of all the citizens who find themselves in our values ​​and around a massive vote.

We therefore propose to all those who want to change this society on the margins of republican ideology, to join us to ensure respect for their voices and convictions.

What exactly is a Muslim Democrat?

In the media debate, launched by some intellectuals and political leaders, it is implied that French Muslims are not compatible with Democracy.

Yet living together, morality, deep respect for other communities, importance to the family, the elderly, solidarity, caring, charity and the fight against injustice are precisely the values ​​that We animate. They are an undeniable asset in the society in which we live because they bear the very foundations of Democracy.

But it is because we are so attached to the concept of democracy that we mobilize ourselves today. Unfortunately, we do not share the same view with liberal, socialist or even social democrat democrats.

To divide, to stigmatize citizens, not to protect the most fragile, to denounce injustices and to be enslaved to the world of finance is not what we believe in.

Why is your movement not better known to the general public?

The UDMF was formed recently. It will take us time to make ourselves heard, to make us understand and finally to convince. The aim is to gradually gain the electoral moments to come by conquering new members, activists, supporters, neighborhoods, villages, cities, seats and elected officials.

Organizations that we know have taken almost 10 years to forge a name and identity. With what has become of politics it seems obvious that it will be even longer to influence and initiate a change of mentalities.

So there are important steps to be put in place to achieve this.

It is true that for a large majority of people it is necessary, in order to exist, to make noise quickly, to associate with partners already recognized and to develop a logistical and media arsenal based on a whole lot of new technologies.

For us, developing a new approach to French society must be accompanied above all by a real maturity of discourse and ideas in order to disseminate them in depth to the citizen.

Because what good is it to make noise if the sound accompanying it is not audible or understood by the public?

What is the point of flooding the media and social networks with images if they do not serve to build a common and sustainable thinking that is responsible and respectful of our values?

Do you think that the UDMF will be able to be heard in a country like France?

We are engaged in a battle that many predict as lost in advance, since the single thought would want a fight to be considered only under the condition that victory and ease are at hand.

At the UDMF we start from another concept. The mastery of defeat or success is not in our power. Our only certainty is our humanistic and sincere intention to change the world in which we live. If man does not stand up to embrace a just cause in his existence, then he may never recover.

This is how peoples were freed and the chains of despair broke.

If politics can no longer defend the widow and the orphan, condemn the blameworthy and fight against injustice then the latter has no power.

We are aware of the context in which we are and we know that our political formation would naturally be criticized.

We were first accused of illiteracy for some time to better stick to the cliché of the illiterate foreigner in transit then by the potential Islamist to further marginalize our movement.

Yet, what we achieved in record time is exceptional.

We have, indeed, deeply marked our DNA the French political landscape and its History. Patiently and without weakening, we brought together thousands of supporters across our regions, participated in remarkable local and regional elections, placed a flagship project for the memory of our nation at the heart of the debates and acquired our very first seats And elected.

It is therefore an extremely promising and encouraging assessment that we can already present and share.

Do you still undergo the defiance, the attacks or even the demonization of the major parties?

Since its launch in 2012, the UDMF has been attacked by the whole political class, since Cambadélis comparing us to terrorists during the Départements of 2015, (accusations little credible besides on the part of a recovered justice) , To the right by Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet and his extreme with Nicolas Dupont-Aignan or Florian Philippot side FN. And even if these attacks persist, the French have generally become accustomed to our presence and gradually understand our approach and our approach.

Nous avons eu droit à toutes sortes d’accusations, venues de l’extérieur mais aussi de l’intérieur, avec des trahisons, comme c’est malheureusement la règle en politique. On a pu lire que l’UDMF était une officine de la franc-maçonnerie, une création de l’UDI, l’œuvre des frères musulmans, et même récemment que nous n’existions plus parce que les membres fondateurs et dirigeants auraient quitté le parti. Ces mêmes personnes, colporteurs de « scoop », se sont d’ailleurs approprié les résultats de l’UDMF des régionales de 2015.

The political terrain is full of pitfalls, as we know, and that is why we have preferred to ignore these low-level calumnies to concentrate all our energy in the fighting we have been fighting since the beginning. Stopping on these attacks and displaying them would only maintain the common perception that Muslim citizens know only how to kill each other, instead of organizing themselves to carry a mature political project And for the common good. This vision would make the game of the identities and Islamophobes who are our real opponents.

It is in this spirit that we have, throughout the year 2016, deployed sections on all French territories. We are present today outside the Ile-de-France, in Lyon, Montpellier, Agen, Nice, Gex, Rennes, Metz, but also in Casablanca, in the 9th district of the French abroad, In Mayotte. And we do not intend to stop here.

You talk about liberating women in France. Do you not rather confuse with the position of woman in Islam?

We are, unfortunately, abused by many clichés which claim that on the one hand the Muslim woman would be a prisoner of the man, a woman "object" and on the other, the Occident woman who would be a liberated woman, Of man.

The position of women in Islam is far from being widely disseminated in the media and contributes to spreading the amalgam between tribal practice and the very foundations of the Muslim religion.

Islam, contrary to what is implied today, came to liberate the woman from the degrading position in which she was before her accession.

Strangely, the first attacks on Islam were already focused on the position of women. Many rights had been granted to him, such as freely demanding a man's hand, speaking in public, working and even, unlike other monotheistic religions, seeking divorce.

For all these rights, Islam had been assimilated to a women's religion for women.

Today, Islam is still as much attacked in relation to the position of the woman as in the opposite direction; A religion of men made for men.

And we will end with this quotation from Voltaire in "Questions on the encyclopedia" to illustrate this:

" It was chiefly against the Turks, who had become Mahometans, that our monks wrote so many books, when it was hardly possible to answer otherwise to the conquerors of Constantinople. Our authors, who are much more numerous than the Janissaries, had little difficulty in putting our women in their party; they persuaded them that Mahomet did not regard them as intelligent animals; That they were all enslaved by the laws of the Alcoran; That they possessed no good in this world, and that in the other they had no part in Paradise. All this is obviously false; And all this was believed firmly. "