News Releases

Security, a crucial political and social issue

The UDMF condemns the policies on insecurity that have only moved this scourge to the outskirts and into the heart of working class neighborhoods in order to make it less visible.

Separatism", the art of discriminating against Muslims without naming them

Behind this bill, there is a real balancing act to target and put under protection the Muslim religion and associations without it being perceived as a new law of exception.

STOP the recording of our opinions

France must remain a country where no one should be worried or confined because of their philosophical, religious or political opinions.

Imitating the far right was not one of candidate macron's campaign promises

Searches, inquisitions, interference, dissolutions, reports, repressions ..., this is what will remain of this five-year period of shame.

UNION in the face of hate

More than ever, the people of France must show discernment by giving in neither to panic nor to hatred towards their fellow countrymen of the Muslim faith.

"Separatism", the new crusade of the Executive

The Executive starts a frantic race towards the lost voters of the Republic and conquered to the conspiracy theories of the extreme right.

A plea for a saving left

At a time when politicians offer as their only project the hatred of the Other, the left must be the bulwark against this obscurantism.

IFOP poll on Muslims and the game of fear

The only purpose of this type of study is to prove that the "Muslim" is a potential danger.

Rally against Islamophobia in Lyon

In a republican approach, we will support all initiatives that will help fight against Islamophobia in our country.

The forgotten SAMUDARIPEN of the Gypsy people

This duty of remembrance is a necessity so that the same horrors do not happen again and so that no community is persecuted because of its beliefs or its way of life.

Radicalism: The real radicals drop the mask

LR senators have produced a series of measures on radicalism where the grotesque competes with the ignoble.

The massacre of Uighur Muslims must stop

The persecution of the Uyghurs must push the States to act, including France which maintains privileged commercial and diplomatic relations with China.

From health wreck to electoral fiasco

After the health crisis, the economic crisis, the social crisis marked by police violence, welcome to the democratic crisis.

May 8, 1945: Recognition of colonial crimes

The UDMF campaigns for the opening of the archives of the Algerian war, for the recognition of war crimes and state crimes in order to combat this discrimination in memory.

Covid-19: Inequality and police violence

The UDMF supports the inhabitants of working class neighborhoods who are victims of inequality and police violence.

Israel takes advantage of covid-19 to annex Palestinian territories

Never collaborate with regimes that advocate apartheid and colonization as a political project.

Health crisis: Tribute to the heroes of the shadows

Housekeepers in particular are shadow soldiers in this crisis. A majority of them wear the headscarf, one of the only sectors where it is symbolically accepted.

News Releases concerning the 1st round of the 2020 Municipal elections

Every day the Coronavirus kills more and more people. This explains the historical abstention of this election and takes away all the democratic value of these elections.

Pension reform : Stop the social breakage

While we are talking about mothers wearing headscarves, we are attacking your social benefits, your pensions. Let's stand together!

Letter regarding the President's speech on the call for "a vigilant society

Criminalizing an entire religious practice for security reasons is a sign of ill health for our democracy.

News Releases about the European elections 2019

You were 28 448 to express yourselves on all the national territory to express a growing anger in particular as for the stigmatization of the Muslims everywhere in Europe.

Launch of the 2019 European elections campaign

The Union of French Muslim Democrats has been engaged for several months now in a vast campaign for the European elections of May 26.

News Releases about the front page N°55 of the monthly magazine Causeur

Wanting to see, through these women wearing headscarves, megaphones of the ideology of Daech is a condemnable and mortifying insult.

News Releases relating to Jean-Pierre Chevenement's statement of August 29, 2016

The Gaul of the woods, fields and suburbs is not threatened by evil Islamists who have come to chase him from his natural habitat.