The logotype

Our visual signature

The logotype

Decoding the play of codes, colors and shapes to identify the visual signature of the UDMF.

Three spaces and symbolic references

Three spaces divide the structure through the blue, white and deep red of our national flag.

01. The blue Islamic influence and architectural heritage
02. The white The dynamism and the rising future.
03. The red The sacrifice of Muslim fighters

01- Influence of the Islamic architectural heritage

On the left, the letters of the acronym UD of the Union of the Democrats are encircled by an ornament evoking the stele of the graves of these Muslim soldiers who died in combat and are buried in France.

The artistic design of these funerary stelae was conceived by the French painter Etienne Dinet, himself a convert to Islam in 1913, who created this work with the help of Muslim scholars.

This ornament also has a second reference since it also voluntarily evokes the shape of certain vaults and domes found for example in cathedrals. An influence of Islamic art on French art or what is more commonly called "Gothic architecture".

Antoni Gaudí, the famous Catalan architect who left his mark on Barcelona's architecture, was greatly inspired by the forms taken from the Moorish constructive and decorative heritage. He recognized in them the preambles of the Galilean formlessness: "I find that the Arabs have developed in the ornamentation a mechanical sense superior to ours".

02- The dynamism and the future embodied by the crescent moon

In the middle, the central white has been subtly embodied by a perfectly symbolic crescent moon. This crescent is raised upward from the rest of the structure and seems to rise to the right, a sign that it is resolutely forward-looking.

03- The sacrifice of Muslim soldiers to liberate France "French by the blood shed

On the right, we find the letters of the acronym MF of French Muslims inscribed on a red background. This red which appears in our current flag, was elaborated in 1124 by Suger of Saint-Denis (also called the "father of the fatherland") to symbolize the martyrdom of the first bishop of Paris. It also represents here the blood shed by these Muslim fighters which comes to mix with that of all those who contributed to build the foundations of our Nation.


So we have, through this logo, a simple and relevant visual that has been able to take up symbols that are culturally and historically relevant.

A brilliant synthesis of the influence, contributions and contributions that have shaped our country, a wealth of invaluable heritage and history.