The National Project


France has been hit, for a few decades, by a succession of unprecedented crises. Economic crisis, health crisis, security crisis but also crisis of values and loss of confidence in political action.

In front of these upheavals, the successive governments have tried to cover up their failures by exploiting, to excess, the "Muslim problem" for the country as an ultimate diversion strategy. It is therefore vital to change this policy which only contributes to reinforce the ideas of the extreme right, to impoverish the French and to divide them.

Today, France needs a new dynamic, a new breath of air that is more equitable and fairer. In an electoral context dominated by identity-based withdrawal and the rejection of visible minorities, the French Muslim Democrats represent a realistic alternative for the safeguard of our living together.

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Building a more equitable economy

Let's share the assets of our ethics in order to stop the coming crises and the destruction of jobs

Develop a responsible educational project

Unite the citizens, transmit and restore our values to fight against the rise of extremes

Putting people at the heart of our concerns

The well-being of the person, the respect of the human being, his security and his dignity is a duty that concerns us all.

Guiding the States for the dignity of the peoples

Faced with the rise of the extremes it is urgent to unite the people with strong partners.

Let's work to bring people together and help those in need.