The Union in the face of hate

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Posted on 19 octobre 2020   |   Communiqué

The Union in the face of hate

In the last few hours, following the barbaric murder, which shocked us all, of Professor Samuel Paty, anger and hatred were poured out on social networks against the entire Muslim community.

Many political figures have called for "firm and radical" action against leaders of Muslim associations whose only fault is :

  • to defend the rights of discriminated Muslims,
  • to deliver courses in Arabic language or religion,
  • to help the most needy.

This witch-hunt to try to dislodge "an enemy of the interior" will only serve to increase the phobia of Muslims in the public space, if not to feed the fire of a new civil war.

In recent hours, many have criticized the Muslim community for not dislodging all these hooligans from its midst in order to show the sincerity of its indignation towards these "isolated" attacks but perpetrated in its name.

However, it is easy to see that these so-called "Islamist" terrorists live mostly on the bangs of the Muslim community. They do not frequent their mosques, nor their gathering places. They are not affiliated to any Muslim NGO, to any Islamic organization currently being questioned by politicians who use this tragedy to try to get elected or to establish their authority.

Many also criticize the silence of the Muslim community when it has never been so agitated and worried since the beginning of the discourse on separatism targeting it directly.

It is urgent to recall that while the arsonists of the Republic are invited in prime time to throw the opprobrium on the Muslim leaders, very few mainstream media have come to extend the microphone to the said incriminated community.

In recent years, some political leaders have so confused terrorists with Muslims that it has become almost impossible to distinguish between them for a growing number of our citizens.

In this confusion, many now assume that they want to see Muslims disappear from the national territory. These behaviors and reflexes should push us to review our history.

This is why, more than ever, the people of France must show discernment by not giving in to panic or hatred towards their fellow countrymen of the Muslim faith. This is what our enemies are looking for and this is the only political project carried by the extreme right for years.

Let's not make the wrong enemies.

More than ever, the Muslim community must be patient in the face of the difficult days ahead for them.

They will be able to count, in these dark hours, on our support and our mobilization at their sides because, the Republic is that!